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KDE Plasma : very buggy shortcut behavior on Wayland session

Hi everyone,

I am trying to make the shortcuts work in KDE Plasma but encounter a lot of trouble. I am almost sure that my session is running in Plasma Wayland but can run any command to make a proof of it.

The shortcuts are behaving very strangely on my session, here is a sample of what I experience :

1) Enable the example shortcut of "Starting Konsole" using Ctrl+Alt+T

2) Pressing Ctrl+Alt+T results in nothing
3) Modify the example shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+O
4) Pressing Ctrl+Alt+O works and starts Konsole
5) Modify the example shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+A
5) Pressing Ctrl+Alt+A results in nothing

So it seems that I can only use Ctrl+Alt+O for starting Konsole, every other shortcut will not work. I encounter a lot of issues in very simple shortcuts such as the Meta+number key for starting applications in the task bar, or just pressing PrintScreen for starting Spectacle will not work thus activated.

I am not sure at all what is going wrong with my Plasma setup.

If you have any ideas please let me know.

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