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Arch Install Setup Package


I am fairly new to Arch Linux and I've made a few executable scripts that help me get Arch installed. I have a question about packaging and what can qualify as a package for AUR. My scripts can do the following:

Configure a WiFi connection
Install the Arch OS
Configure the bootloader to include Windows
Create a USB bootable from the latest Arch ISO image while checking signatures
Create custom live Arch ISOs

I plan to include support for creating a custom Arch ISO that can install the OS without an internet connection.

I plan on using the guide to install packages offline and archiso to create a bootable live USB that can install the entire OS offline. … f_packages

I don't know if this is 'The Arch Way.' Simplicity, Modernity, Pragmatism, User Centrality, Versatility

There's an existing guide that explains you can install a system by copying the live USB filesystem to the hard drive. … stallation

There is a flag explaining that the factual accuracy of this page is disputed.

All my scripts are written in Bash. My question is about packaging and bash.

Are there packages that are written entirely in bash? I'm not making this with Java or C. It is all Bash.

What does everyone think about making such a package? Is there already one out there like the one I'm describing? Would it be useful?

Any guidance will be appreciated.

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Re: Arch Install Setup Package

Please do not distribute such scripts, especially not on the AUR. It's perfectly fine for you to scratch your own itch, and you can support yourself if the scripts don't work as expected, but if other people use your scripts, they will find no support here, and will be directed to you for support.

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Re: Arch Install Setup Package

Create a USB bootable from the latest Arch ISO image while checking signatures
Create custom live Arch ISOs

Those 2 sound like they may be suitable for adding to the respective wiki pages

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Re: Arch Install Setup Package

I second WorMzy's advice to not try to package these in the AUR.  However, to the direct question: yes, there are bash (or shell script only) packages and those are more than welcome.  The programming/scripting language the content of a package is written is not relevant.  But whether it does something that should be shared is.

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