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USB boot Archiso on Macbook 2,1 results in garbled screen


I've been trying to bring my ancient(2006/7) Macbook back to life for the past 2 days or so. For those who do not know, these are the weird macs with a 64bit CPU and 32bit EFI firmware chips. So far I've done the following:

  • Installed rEFInd 0.11.2

  • Setup Archiso 201804 on the USB using these instructions on the wiki.

With this I've successfully gotten rEFInd to find the USB key and enter the installed grub bootloader, which contains my "Arch Linux archiso x86_64 UEFI USB" entry. When selecting it however I only get a blank/black screen for about a minute(the light on the usb blinking the entire time) followed very briefly by a small block of text saying

:: running early hook [udev]
starting version 238
:: running early hook [archiso_pxe_nbd]
:: running hook [udev]
:: Triggering uevents...

before becoming all garbled up.

So far I've tried various gfxmodes in my grub.cfg but to no avail. Are there any special drivers or fb mode I need to setup for these old Macbooks?


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Re: USB boot Archiso on Macbook 2,1 results in garbled screen


Did you ever manage to solve this issue?

I am having the exact same issue with a late 2006 macbook.


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