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[SOLVED] Alsa/Pulseaudio cannot detect headphones (front panel) jack

Hello team, I am having somewhat of a problem with the jack detection of my PC's front panel input socket.
My PC has 1 set of audio input/output sockets on the front panel and one set on the back panel (plus a line in socket).
Pavucontrol/alsamixer show 3 available ports - Headphones, Speaker and Line out.
Pavucontrol always shows the 'Headphones' port as 'unplugged' regardless of any headphones being plugged in, although
if I manually select the port, I do get sound. The back panel "Line out" socket is working and detected properly.

Some relevant info:

Logging from pulseaudio when plugging/unplugging the "Line out" and "Headphones" jacks:

ASRock H110M-DVP

I tried searing on google for solutions, but most of related problems throughout the years seemed related
to the alsa's auto-mute option (changing it did not fix my problem), and on the other hand - my pulseaudio logging shows a lot of entries like:
"Jack Dock Headphone, alsa_name='Dock Headphone Jack', detection unavailable".

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated, as I am still quite unknowledgeable about alsa.

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Re: [SOLVED] Alsa/Pulseaudio cannot detect headphones (front panel) jack

After a lot of reading and going deeper into the rabbit hole I found out that my trashy PC case (well duh...) has AC97 cables coming out
the front panel sockets, and AC97 does not have jack detection...

I had to buy a new case anyways.

Problem solved.

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