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How to increase screen saturation on a laptop ?

Hi, I have a laptop and I only use my Nvidia card (GTX1060M) with the Nvidia driver. However, The "Nvidia x server settings" application does not provide any options for adjusting my screen colours. I have a message that says I should do it with an external RandR capable tool.

With xrandr, I have not found any solution to adjust saturation on the man page. Do I have missed something or there is no way to do it without an external monitor with build-in image calibration ?


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Re: How to increase screen saturation on a laptop ?

There's no solution for this that I know of.

In theory, this should be possible to do with an "ICC" color profile. Maybe someone made a software that can generate ICC profiles that do things like increase saturation? That's what I would try to search for.

Normally, this ICC color profile stuff is created with a "colorimeter" hardware device and monitor calibration software.


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