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Laptop does not charge if it drops to 0%

Hi, I have a problem with my Lenovo z500 laptop.
If I leave it in suspension mode, instead of turning it off, after 1 or 2 days it is completely discharged.
So far, everything is normal.
However, when I turn it back on and connect it to the current, it does not charge.
I just see with upower that the battery has "energy: 0 Wh" and "on-battery: no".
Yesterday for an hour the battery remained at 0% while it was charging, then after repeatedly recalling information commands as upower or acpi it started charging.
The other time, however, I managed to load only keep the computer turned on by the BIOS.
Once it manages to reach a 5% charge, I can also normally charge it from Arch.
What can I do to overcome this problem? Is it not possible to activate a "safe mode" to switch off the computer while it is in suspension if the battery drops to 10%?

I saw so many people complaining that the battery was burned because it was 0% and did not load, I'm afraid they had the same bug and they did not notice.
Thanks in advance to everyone

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