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#1 2018-01-08 15:02:13

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Chinese style SDDM theme


I'm a Chinese and I'd like to create some artworks with Chinese elements with them.

And here is my try: sddm-chinese-painting-theme.

The background is part of the famous painting called 清明上河图 … g_Festival.
I make the QtQuick buttons, input and texts small in order to emphasize the background. … enshot.jpg

What I want to do next is:

1. make the theme easy to configure through editing theme.conf but not qml files.
2. provide more background for user to choose.
3. apply more Chinese elements in the design.

You can install the theme through AUR now. The package is sddm-chinese-painting-theme. … ing-theme/

Hope you'll like it!

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#2 2018-01-09 08:26:05

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Re: Chinese style SDDM theme

Hey, really stylish, I like it! If I would use a login manager I would give it a try, so i con only admire your work.


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Re: Chinese style SDDM theme

That's fantastic, thanks for sharing


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