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Latte-dock auto-start up delay & black frame issue

Hi there,

I'm using KDE 5.14.2 w/ Qt 5.11.2 and Plasma 5.

I have a problem with the latte-dock auto-startup functionality :

X Server starts
Background loads-up
Applications saved to cache (?) are loaded before Latte-dock
The screen becomes slightly unresponsive (but i can still move mouse) for some seconds with the apparition of a tiny black rectangle in the middle of the screen after background
Finally Latte Dock is started and loads the panels

I want to change this behaviour to basically a smooth start-up where, the screen only shows up once Latte has been loaded, and everything has been set correctly.

How should i address this ?

If there are any specific logs that i can provide you with, please tell me.
(?)  ( I don't know exactly where light apps like firefox are stored on system shutdown for it to instantly load on reboot)

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