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vim: unable to open swap file, recovery impossible.

As of a few days ago, I get that message every time I open a file in vim, I get that error about "unable to open swap file", and then when I try to save a file, it tells me "E510: Can't make backup file (add ! to override)", so I have to use "w!" to get past that.
I've uninstalled vim / gvim, rm -r'd the /usr/share/vim directory in between doing that, but it still happens.
My /home is btrfs. If I edit a file on /tmp, I still get that opening message about unable to open swap, but I don't get the error about "Can't make backup file" when saving.

Edit: false alarm - it turned out my $HOME/.cache filesystem was hosed, and vim has ~/.cache/vim/backup// set as the backupdir by default. (according to :se backup? backupdir? backupext?) The filesystem was unrecoverable, so I recreated it.

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Re: vim: unable to open swap file, recovery impossible.

Please remember to mark your thread as SOLVED.

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Re: vim: unable to open swap file, recovery impossible.

By default, Arch Linux's configuration will set the backup, swap, and undo directories to subdirectories of ${XDG_CACHE_HOME:-$HOME/.cache} for security reasons.

BTW why is that "filesystem" hosed? Usually the cache directory is the one XDG directory you do not share... the only other thing I can think of people doing to it is mounting it as a tmpfs, which shouldn't be getting hosed, but recreated...

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