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#1 2018-12-08 22:48:19

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Plasma 5 - Hard to resize windows


I'm running KDE 5.14 along with plasma 5 and breeze as a look & feel theme for my windows, and Border size set to normal.

With my current settings, it is almost impossible to properly resize any opened windows, whenever i try to select the borders, the cursor instantly blinks to its previous state.

Of course one solution could be to make the border size bigger, but that's annoying since i'd be loosing on information display, in some cases that space could be crucial.

Did anybody encounter the same problem at some point ?



#2 Yesterday 17:59:01

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Re: Plasma 5 - Hard to resize windows

A neat trick I learned recently: You can resize windows in Plasma by holding Alt and the right mouse button and then dragging anywhere inside the window. (Similar to moving windows with Alt+left mouse button.) This is very handy for windows with tiny or (like Firefox) nonexistent resize handles.


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