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How to use gvfs (or gio) to mount a webdav folder in terminal?

Hello everyone!

I am running a Nextcloud instance and I am correctly connected to it through GNOME's online accounts feature. Everything looks fine and shiny, but I would like to sync my files on the Nextcloud locally rather than just being able to access them.
The Nextcloud sync official client sucks, and doesn't integrate well with the GNOME desktop, thus I am thinking of writing a script which would just do the job through rsync and the locally mounted webdav folder. However, I can't find the command that GNOME is using to mount the webdav folder: I tried gfvs, gvfsd-mount, and all possible variants but it seems there's no such executable in ArchLinux. I eventually found "gio mount", which however doesn't seem to do the job as it gives me back an "HTTP error: moved permanently". This could be because my Nextcloud server has a permanent redirection from HTTP to HTTPS, but then how come GNOME online accounts works properly?

Any help from more expert GNOME advisors is welcome smile


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