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Segmentation fault with Red console and Gtk3 under 32-bit / multilib

Hello. I'm trying to run Red language compiled for Gtk under Arch Linux. I've enabled multilib and installed necessary libraries (all libraries listed by readelf or ldd are present in /usr/lib32) and I'm able to compile the console binary. But when I run some graphical routines (Gtk3 library is used), I get a segmentation fault error:

$ ./console              
--== Red 0.6.4 ==-- 
Type HELP for starting information. 

>> 3 + 5
== 8
>> view []

*** Runtime Error 32: segmentation fault
*** at: F753BC58h

This works with no problems under other distributions (32-bit or multilib/multiarch), even when using same binary compiled under Arch. The problem is confirmed also in Manjaro (arch-based distro).

Does anybody have an idea what can be a problem, or how to debug this?

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