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mythtv v30 External Recorder mythhdhrrecorder??

I'm trying to setup mythtv combination FE/BE using mythhdhrrecorder, which is an external recorder. I've done this a lot on ubuntu but wanted to try this on Archlinux.

I have it setup the way I used to do it, but I'm getting an error that I've not seen before:

  ExternSH[1](/usr/local/bin/mythhdhrrecorder --hdhr 1074C841 --devicename 0): External Recorder invalid response to 'APIVersion?

It retries this 4 or 5 times then moves to the next tuner. Since all fail, I have no turners setup.

I know that V30 of mythtv introduced version 2 of the External Recorder API. Is it possible the Arch version of v30 didn't get the right External Recorder??

Jim A


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