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#1 2004-03-13 13:49:02

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How to enable all kernel options ?


I want to compile my kernel with all options enabled so that after I downloaded the kernel und unpacked it I want every options in the .config being enabled.
So when I "make menuconfig"  evey option is marked as "module" and if not marked with " * "
After that I want to customize it ( chipset, graphic, sound,USB,.. ) but the rest should be marked with " M ".
My goal is to have a kind of hardware autodetection, so if I put in e.g. a compact flash card, the kernel module will be automatically loaded, ( digital camera plugged in => autoloaded the storage driver ... )
I guess therefore all modules have to be marked and compiled ?
Is hotplug respnsible for this ?




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Re: How to enable all kernel options ?

i thought hotplug only handled usb and firewire. and you would still have to load modules and likely load up your fstab and other such files with configurations

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Re: How to enable all kernel options ?

Hotplug can do a lot, if the kernel is configured properly.

The easiest way to set everything as a module is to do something like this:

yes m | make config

I wouldn't advise it though, because this will set everything it can to be a module, including things like your motherboard chipset, root filesystem, etc.  I don't think it'll work on options that need y or n either, instead they'll just sit there.

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