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Gnome keyring auto unlock fails with LDAP

I have a setup with centralized user management using LDAP authentication against a server.
When I log in as an arbitrary user, the user's Gnome keyring will not automatically unlock.
It, however, works with local authentication (tried it with a new test user: Seahorse shows keyring unlocked after login here).
I only found this old thread, which vaguely describes the solution to a similar issue.
I don't know whether this actually is a PAM issue. But I followed the LDAP user authentication method as described in the Wiki.
The relevant PAM files I changed are:

$ grep ldap *
passwd:password        sufficient
system-auth:auth      sufficient
system-auth:account   sufficient
system-auth:password  sufficient
system-auth:session   optional

What do I need to change in my setup, in PAM or other possible systems, to allow an LDAP user's keyring to be unlocked after login?
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