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crema - helper tool to manage custom repositories

Since different tools are needed to manage a custom local repository (repo-add, repo-remove, makepkg, aurutils), I build a wrapper around them that is easier to use. It called it crema, which stands for Custom REpository MAnager. It can cover the following tasks:
- add AUR packages to the repo
- remove AUR packages from the repo
- update all AUR packages of the repo
- build a (meta) package

I use meta packages stored in a custom repository to automate the installation of Arch Linux. With this, the installation consists of 3 steps:
1. Installation of the base system (I do that via script - there are quit some of these script out there)
2. Installation of additional software via meta package
3. User-specific configuration via dotfile manager

See a more detailed description of my approach here and here



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