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#1 2019-06-12 04:12:12

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High frequency of haskel modules and pandoc updates


Every day I update my archlinux with pacman -Syu, most of the updates are haskell modules and pandoc. Every day!

For example today version of some packages are:
   * pandoc-2.7.2-57. (57 updates for 2.7.2)
   * haskell-http-4000.3.13-40 (40 updates for 3.13.40)
   * haskell-xml-conduit- (60 updates for

I'm curious as to know why these packages updated so frequently. Is this haskell issue (e.g. much bugs)?

Thank you in advance

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#2 2019-06-12 04:16:38

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Re: High frequency of haskel modules and pandoc updates

Yeah, that's how haskell works. No stable ABI, no compatibility, every little change requires that everything downstream gets rebuilt.


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Re: High frequency of haskel modules and pandoc updates

Which is a sad irony for an allegedly side-effect free purely functional programming language.

This function is guaranteed to do the same thing every time it is called regardless of the circumstances ... unless of course 12 hours have passed since you installed the package that contains it, then it will do something entirely different.

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