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Laptop power management

Hi guys,
I'm thinking about buying Asus A6KM Q015 laptop. I've never had a laptop with a linux on it so I'm pretty much a n00b in this area.

I've been wondering about ways to save power. It'll be pretty much important for me since I'll be on the road quite a bit. I've read Gentoo Wiki on laptops and had a glance at their powermanagement section of their handbook.

Of course, I'd like the machine to go into powersave mode each time the Ac cable is unplugged and go into a battery low mode when needed (or when I order it to). Additionally to what has been said in the gentoo handbook (hdd spindown, cpu frequency scaling, swap off, wifi off etc), I'd like to be able to underclock the Nvidia Geforce Go 7300 card this laptop has when needed. I don't know if it's possible to add some nvclock lines into the powermanagement daemon configuration. Apart from that I'm really looking forward to undervolting the Turion MT32 this laptop has. I've seen a lot of guides for undervolting Intel processors, but none regarding AMd ones. Apart from cpupw... This seems to do the trick, however I'm not sure if it doesn't somehow replace the normal powermanagement daemon.

Any thoughts suggestions?[/url]


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Re: Laptop power management

laptop-mode-tools will be able to take care of the cpu spinning down, cpu frequency scaling and a number of other useful things. Since you have a Turion I would recommend using powernowd instead of CPUPW.

One thing you can do is install acpid. In /etc/acpi you will be able to run commands on specific events. For instance turn swap off when not on AC power.

As far as your vidoe card goes. Don't use hardware acceleration while on battery power.


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