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[Solved]Builtin monitor non-responsive after boot, external mon. works

After a batch of updates yesterday( pacman log ), I restarted my notebook (Thinkpad X1 Carbon) this morning, only to find that as soon as the graphical interface starts, the built in screen freezes. The last thing it shows is still the text-only boot-log, usually with the last line being somewhere inbetween "Started Manage, Install and Generate Color profiles" to "reached target Graphical interface".

However the external monitor (via Docking station+Display Port) continues to work and from there I can log in and the system responds normally. I can sometimes get the internal monitor to work again, by unplugging the docking station or switching to a virtual console and back again, but this does not seem to be consistent and the display often freezes again after a few seconds.

The Xorg.0.log looks uneventful, the only error is"Failed to open authorization file "/var/run/sddm/{8dc6a458-8494-47bd-95ff-a62fca646852}": No such file or directory" which I do not quite understand, as the file definitely exists.

journalctl output (Note: at the boot where this and the Xorg.log are from, I plugged in the docking station only after about a minute, to seperate issues)

At first I thought, it was related to this thread, because it happened on the same mesa update and switching to tty2 and back does sometimes help, but I get none of the other errors, have set no i915 options and have no idea what to do next...

edit: Of course as soon as I post this, I find that it seems to be related to, as setting enable_psr=0 indeed resolves it...

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