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Different fonts in polybar

I'm trying to use Chinese characters in my i3 setup, polybar specifically but it's not working. I've found that to use a different font I need to specify it in my polybar config, e.g.

; font-N = <fontconfig pattern>;<vertical offset>
font-0 = "Tamsyn:pixelsize=12;0"
font-1 = "Roboto:size=11:weight=bold;2"
font-2 = "Noto Sans:size=11;1"

label-active-font = 2

What does the last number here mean in each font-N line? ';0' ';2' and ';1'?

I can find what fonts are installed by

fc-list :lang=zh-cn

which outputs many results in the format
/usr/share/fonts/adobe-source-han-serif-cn/SourceHansSerifCN-Regular.otf: Source Han Serif CN, 思源宋体 CN:style=Regular

How am I supposed to use this in the previous format, everytime I do this my polybar disappears

; font-N = <fontconfig pattern>;<vertical offset>
font-0 = "Source Han Serif CN:size=11;0"

label-active-font = 1



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