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Having trouble with getting, changing, and setting ICC profiles.

I've been looking for days for ways to get a monitors  current ICC profile, change some values in it and then set it. However there seems to be no documentation about this. Has anyone ever dealt with this? what should I be doing? The reason I'm doing this is because I'm creating a program that functions as a vibranceGUI replacement, which is a windows only program that changes the saturation of a display when a program is launched. It currently only works nvidia gpus by interacting with nvidia-settings, and I was hoping that maybe using ICC profiles would make it easier to work with all GPUs. I tried finding an X11 way to do it but it doesn't seem like there's an API for it. If you're interested in the project or have an answer that you want to submit directly to the repo here it is.

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Re: Having trouble with getting, changing, and setting ICC profiles.

You have a thread already. Don't crosspost: … ss-posting

Closing -- for deletion

Restored against my better judgement because OP blanked the original thread, wasting everyone's time...

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