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#1 2019-09-14 21:02:57

Ben Kerman
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[Solved] VLC Interface Display Issues

Hi everyone!
Since my most recent system upgrade I have issues with VLC's interface not displaying properly.
If I start VLC without an active video, everything works perfectly fine. However, as soon as I open a video, the menu bar and playback controls start looking extremely glitchy. Everything else (including playback) still works fine.
Only some parts of the affected areas look as they should. The rest freezes completely and displays whichever pixels last occupied that space (e.g. when switching from another workspace, that workspace's contents will be frozen in those areas).
The controls and menu are still usable, just not visible (e.g. the volume control on the right still works). The video controls also look normal in full screen mode.

I use X.Org with a 10xx-series Nvidia graphics card. I suspect the issue is related to the GPU, as my laptop with a very similar setup but Intel graphics doesn't have it. I don't think there's a relation to my window manager or anything like that, since I have the same problem when launching a separate X session for VLC.
I already reset VLC config (even reinstalled the package) and tried changing any option (in the advanced preferences dialog) I could find that seemed like it could help (none did).

Here's an image of what it looks like: The pattern of the frozen areas is always the same.

Edit: The problem solved itself without manual intervention a couple weeks ago, likely due to a Qt or GPU driver update

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#2 2019-09-16 07:42:38

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Re: [Solved] VLC Interface Display Issues

Terminal output? Did you try disabling hardware acceleration/VDPAU? Which QT5 theme do you use?


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