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Help Clearing out Ubuntu files

Hey all,

I've been using Ubuntu for a while, and I want to switch over to Arch. I've had some difficulties installing Arch, specifically the bootloader, and I suspect it may have something to do with remnants of the Ubuntu installation of grub interfering with Arch.

Specifically, I can complete the entire installation (except grub) and can then use grub from the Ubuntu installation to launch into Arch. If I try to install grub through Arch, I lose the ability to access the firmware. When I try to enter the firmware settings (F2 on my machine) my computer crashes, and I'm left with a black screen with a cursor in the top left. The same problem occurs with rEFInd, (or any other distro besides Ubuntu that uses grub). moving the arch folder in my EFI partition allows me to then boot into BIOS. Secure boot is currently disabled on my machine.

I'd love to provide any other information about my machine if needed to help address the problem.

My Laptop is an Acer Swift 3 Model SF314-52G, and the BIOS version is Insyde Corp V1.09 released 8/23/18.


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Re: Help Clearing out Ubuntu files

Are you in UEFI or in BIOS mode? Was your old Ubuntu in EFI? Do you have an /efi partition and what are the contents? They would have different issues when it comes to bootloader although it seems you are in UEFI.
If it's UEFI mode you should be able to erase the grub entry via UEFI Shell or even perhaps via directly through the BIOS of your machine, if you can't remove it by efibootmgr.


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