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Problem with wired connection afetr first installation [Solved]

I performed my first installation. At first reboot , I can' ping anything.

lspci -v :

Ethernet controller : Marvell technology PCIe Gigabit Ethernet controller
Kernel driver in use : sky2
Kernel modules : sky2

dmesg | grep sky2

sky2 driver version 1.20
sky2 yukon-2 optima chip revision 1
sky2 eth0: addr78:84:3c:01:78:80
sky2 enp4s0 : renamed from eth0

ip link
enp4s0 mtu 1500 qdisc noop state Down mode Default group defaul qlen 1000 link/ether

any suggestions?

I tried dhcpcd and the wired net started. How to make this permanent?

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Re: Problem with wired connection afetr first installation [Solved]

It's all covered in detail in the friendly wiki


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Re: Problem with wired connection afetr first installation [Solved]

You say you tried dhcpcd.  Does that mean you ran sudo dhcpcd ? or does that mean you ran systemctl start dhcpcd.service  ?

One of the things that makes Arch Linux so wonderful is that it is up to you to decide how you want to control your system.   You have a few options to control the network; NetworkManager, netctl, systemd-network, etc...   All depending on what you want.  As such, simple question such as 'How do I make it permanent' are a bit naive.

The easiest solution would be to use systemctl to enable the dhcpcd service

# systemctl enable dhcpcd.service

But, that might not be exactly what you want.  Fow example, what behavior do you want if a WiFi link comes up on the same subnet? Or what to do if a cable is unplugged and replugged?  What if that cable is re-plugged to a different network?  If you show up on a given subnet, do you want to autostart a VPN? 

So, whilst I handed you a simple solution, You should go research the options available to you.

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Re: Problem with wired connection afetr first installation [Solved]

I ran sudo dhcpcd, and yes, I need systemctl enable dhcpcd.service for my purpose. For the rebirth of my 10 years old vaio systemctl enable dhcpcd.service is more than enough. And the same solution was perfect for my wi fi usage.
Ten years ago Arch used rc.conf to load modules, is it right ?

Thanks a lot

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