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#1 2019-09-30 18:30:54

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What is the proper way to upgrade my AUR package?

Hello!! I'm the maintainer of the package vim-x11. Not sure if it's the proper place to ask this question, or if it's a yay question:

My package depends of a fixed version of vim-runtime, and replaces vim. So every time there is a new version of vim-runtime, I have to update the PKGBUILD and run the following commands:

- yay -Rs vim-x11
- yay -Syu vim-x11

If I don't uninstall it first, yay -Syu vim-x11 refuses to update, because of the following error message:

installing vim-runtime (8.1.2102-1) breaks dependency 'vim-runtime=8.1.1968-1' required by vim-x11

Is there a proper way to update my package vim-x11 without having to uninstall it first?

Thanks in advance!!


#2 2019-09-30 20:55:52

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Re: What is the proper way to upgrade my AUR package?

fixed version deps suck in the AUR. Best way to deal with it is to rebuild the AUR package in a chroot and put it in a local repo so that it's updated at the same time.


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