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pacman packages install Error : file already exist.

I recently did a fresh install. but before that I backed up  my fonts, themes, ...  and copied them back on to the new install.
But now I am an issue. pacman either won't install and the say a bunch files already exist or installs but says a directory or directories has different permission. there a way to tell pacman overwrite all that existing files?
B. is there a way to tell pacman to fix the permission problem?

As it stands I am thinking about reinstalling the whole arch again which is a big hassle.
thank you

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Re: pacman packages install Error : file already exist.

Why did you manually copy over things that already exist as a package anyway? that doesn't really make much sense to me. Anyway read and apply … )%22_error

Also regarding permissions in general, it matters a lot how and where to you "backed up" and how you "restored" those files. If your backup where a plain copy to a disk that doesn't understand permissions you are better off just replacing the relevant folders again.

If this doesn't help you already, we will need the full output of an attempted update/installation in [ code ] [ /code ] tags.

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