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mp3gain (backend of easymp3gain)

Does anybody know who the developer of mp3gain for linux is? I can't find anything about it on the internet and "mp3gain --help" returns an error that '--help' can not be opened. I wanna report a bug or at least ask the developer how to forbid mp3gain from writing APE tags on the mp3 files. Both Audacious and AIMP don't read these tags and for this reason the mp3 files (especially on my phone) sound too quiet. I know I can remove specific tags using mp3tag for Windows but it's getting annoying to use it every time I've used easymp3gain, considering I have a few thousand mp3 files.

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Re: mp3gain (backend of easymp3gain)

The project has an issue tracker and a repository log:

What exactly are you googling that you did not find any information on this?


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Re: mp3gain (backend of easymp3gain)

There's an upstream link for every package.
Checked, proper in your case. The page has bug reporting and feature requesting features.


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Re: mp3gain (backend of easymp3gain)

To elaborate on seth's comment, each package has a url attribute, which is set by the package maintainer, and should point to the upstream project homepage. In the case of AUR packages, you can check the package's AUR webpage for this, or you can use an AUR helper that can handle metadata. e.g.

$ auracle info mp3gain
Repository     : aur
Name           : mp3gain
Version        : 1.6.2-1
URL            :
AUR Page       :
Depends On     : mpg123
Licenses       : GPL
Votes          : 28
Popularity     : 1.6786
Maintainer     : rtfm3514
Submitted      : Sat Jan  6 21:01:47 2018
Last Modified  : Tue Jun 12 18:35:18 2018
Description    : Lossless mp3 normalizer with statistical analysis

Note the URL in this case is, through which you can easily navigate to the bug tracker that V1del linked to.

For official Arch packages, you can use "pacman -Si $packagename".

Mod note: Moving to AUR Issues.

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