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Vertical Japanese and Chinese data for tesseract OCR

When you install tesseract-data-jpn, tesseract-data-chi_sim, and/or tesseract-data-chi_tra from the official repositories, they don't contain OCR data for vertical Japanese and Chinese. I spent some time looking around, and eventually figured out that the tesseract devs split the horizontal and vertical data into separate files, which need to be installed as tesseract-data-jpn_vert, etc.

I compiled and installed the packages using the tesseract-data-git package on AUR (by editing the _langs variable in the PKGBUILD to include jpn_vert, chi_sim_vert, and chi_tra_vert), but I think it was an accident that the official repository doesn't include those packages. I'm not sure where I should request this, since it's not technically a bug, so I'm asking here.


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Re: Vertical Japanese and Chinese data for tesseract OCR

Welcome to the arch linux forums yetanothernewbie.
I would suggest making a feature request on the arch bugtracker.


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