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Re: Google Chrome vs Chromium

Dudl3y wrote:
Trilby wrote:
Dudl3y wrote:

I need to check the content to see if I'm building a malware

This is my point.  How do you think you will do this?  What do you think you will see when you open a file in nano that will identify it as malware or confirm that it is not malware?  This is a hypothetical question as there is nothing you'd see.

Oh... Is there a way to do it?

Since Chrome is an already compiled binary, you can't just open it up and see what's under the hood. If we could do that, then we wouldn't be having the issues we do with Nvidia and their blob. Chrome is Chromium with a few proprietary codecs and software (flash). You can download the Chromium PKGBUILD from the ABS (Arch Build System) which will tell you where the source code is located, navigate to whatever git it's hosted on, and read the source from there. If you're a programmer, then that would be the way to go. I'm not a programmer, so I have to fall back on researching the author (in this case, Google Inc.) and deciding if I trust them enough to install their software. To make Chromium like Chrome, I then have to download proprietary codecs and proprietary Pepper Flash , for which I know of no open source code for, and turn on sandboxing. Or, I can trust Google, Adobe and whomever owns the license for the codecs and just install Chrome.

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Re: Google Chrome vs Chromium

Lone_Wolf wrote:

pkgdesc="An attempt at creating a safer, faster, and more stable browser (Stable Channel)"

Sounds like an advertisement to me.

Do you trust google to do what's best for you even if that would be not-so-good for google ?
If your answer is yes, use google-chrome .

sounds reasonable!


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Re: Google Chrome vs Chromium

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