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#1 2019-11-23 17:45:16

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XPS 9360 battery jumps from 26% to 4%

My XPS 9360 battery seems poorly calibrated or broken (or there is a software issue). When I use the system it drops from 20-something percent to 5-something percent in a heartbeat.

This is some output from upower (sadly I couldn't capture the jump):

  native-path:          BAT0
  vendor:               SMP
  model:                DELL TP1GT61
  serial:               1967
  power supply:         yes
  updated:              Sat 23 Nov 2019 06:38:46 PM CET (10 seconds ago)
  has history:          yes
  has statistics:       yes
    present:             yes
    rechargeable:        yes
    state:               discharging
    warning-level:       low
    energy:              1.8696 Wh
    energy-empty:        0 Wh
    energy-full:         45.7596 Wh
    energy-full-design:  59.9944 Wh
    energy-rate:         27.2992 W
    voltage:             6.744 V
    time to empty:       4.1 minutes
    percentage:          4%
    capacity:            76.2731%
    technology:          lithium-polymer
    icon-name:          'battery-caution-symbolic'
  History (charge):
    1574530666	4.000	discharging
    1574530636	5.000	discharging
  History (rate):
    1574530726	27.299	discharging
    1574530696	24.480	discharging
    1574530666	23.613	discharging
    1574530636	26.076	discharging

Do you have any suggestions?

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#2 2019-11-24 23:17:39

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Re: XPS 9360 battery jumps from 26% to 4%

So battery capacity is usually calculated using the current volage. Old batteries tend to fail at keeping the volage up, especially under high load... Does it happen during high load? And is it an old battery?


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