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Grub install fails when using Btrfs

I've installed Arch a few years ago, but previously used ext4.  This time around I thought I'd expand my knowledge and try Btrfs.  I'm using an existing partition that was previously used with another distro (ext4). 

This time around, when installing grub, I get the following error message:

grub-install: warning: your core.img is unusually large.  It won't fit in the embedding area.
grub-install: error: filesystem 'Btrfs' doesn't support blocklists.

I thought I'd try to fix the first item by following the instructions here ( … Btrfs_disk) to use --alloc-start when running mkfs.btrfs to give more space for core.img.  I set it at 2048, thinking this was enough space.

lsblk -f also shows my drive with the correct file system and label.

Any thoughts on why that didn't work?  What am I missing?

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