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add new user while making archiso

There used to be an article in the archiso wiki page, which appears to be scrapped. There are posts regarding this very question and all the answers pointed to the scrapped article. I think adding a new user must be as simple as putting a useradd line in /airootfs/root/ I just want to confirm this.


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Re: add new user while making archiso

The removed text looked like this (from the history of the archiso page):

User management can be handled the same way as during the normal installation process, except you put your commands scripted into ~/archlive/airootfs/root/

It was removed because it is covered in the existing Configure section:

Generally, every administrative task that you would normally do after a fresh install except for package installation can be scripted into archlive/airootfs/root/ It has to be written from the perspective of the new environment, so / in the script means the root of the live-iso which is to be created.

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