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Shell commands to emulate controller input

Currently making an android app to emulate joystick/controller input to play mario kart 8 on cemu, however I can't find a way to emulate controller input from shell commands (which the app sends). I've read … ut_systems and looked online but all I could find is controller to keyboard input. Can upload the completed app (+code) once it's finished if requested. Any help is appreciated.

Shell command to emulate controller/joystick input which cemu can read
(E.g. the equivalent of xdotool key <key>)


#2 2020-01-07 20:51:16

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Re: Shell commands to emulate controller input

If all you're looking for is keyboard input to virtual joystick device, have you try with wejoy?

Wejoy can make virtual controller device (in /dev/input) controlled by LUA script.
You can add on-call function like keypress(key) and pass a value to another function that emulate button press.

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