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#1 2020-01-11 18:26:07

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Packages with statically linked objects

I'm thinking about packages, that often are used as build dependencies of other projects (packages, but also private development).
For those I'm wondering whether they are supposed to contain

  • dynamically linked binaries only (e.g. icu, grpc)

  • both dynamically linked and statically linked binaries (e.g. boost)

Personally, I'd like to have both static and dynamic binaries in order to link both statically and dynamically during development.
In that case, would it be the right thing to extend existing packages by statically linked objects? Or would you somehow introduce a new package specifically for that purpose?

I've never done either before and just want to know how the Arch community would like to deal with this problem.


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Re: Packages with statically linked objects

In almost all cases, Arch only ships static libs if there's no dynamic version available. If you need the static libs, you'll need to aquire the PKGBUILDs, modify them, and build the package yourself. Or just make the static lib part of the build system of whatever you're building.


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