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#1 2020-01-21 01:55:12

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Closed: Systemd-boot Device Error

I'm trying to use systemd-boot to get up and running on a new arch server but I'm running into an error on boot. I have learned a ton about the boot Process and the UEFI BOIS witch is why I use Arch in the first place but I can't find the answer for this any where It does not seem to be the usual errors.

Error loading \vmlinuz-linux: Device Error
Failed to execute Arch Linux (\vmlinuz-linux): Device Error

I will try to give as much information as possible

Output from commands

fdisk -l … ad217ba20c
/dev/sdb1 is the EFI partition
Format: FAT32
Mounted: /boot

/dev/sdb2 is the root partition
Format: EXT4
Mounted: /

is a 8TB disk that I will be using later

tree /boot … c417d6f712

cat /boot/loader/loader.conf … 3f665cdd8a

cat /boot/loader/entries/arch.conf … 50167925ee

blkid … 0beeb69cf2

Did I miss anything?

The efi device is readable in the UEFI shell under FS2:

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Re: Closed: Systemd-boot Device Error

Is Secure Boot disabled?

If so then please post the output of

efibootmgr -v

That can be run from the live ISO.


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Re: Closed: Systemd-boot Device Error

I fingered it out there was nothing wrong with my setup just a problem with my motherboard SSD combo.


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Re: Closed: Systemd-boot Device Error

Please do not mark threads Closed: that is used by the system to mark threads that are not open for replies. Use [SOLVED] instead.

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