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cpdd - a simple copy and deduplication tool written in Rust

This is quite the niche tool, so you'll know if you need it (or not).


cpdd was written to allow merging of directory trees that may share content without requiring space for duplicate entries. For example, consider two 2 TB (manual) backups that share a significant amount of content but may differ somewhat. Say, these two should be merged on a new 3 TB storage device. Assuming the differing content on the two backups is less than 1 TB, cpdd allows the merging. Assume also that some of the files on either one of the backups have gone corrupt. Although the relative paths and file sizes match, the hashes do not. cpdd preserves both of the files (assuming --overwrite is not given) and renames the already existing file using the --backup-suffix. This allows one to manually check, and hopefully recover, the corrupt file.


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