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How to automatically rebuild AUR lib32 packages when dep updates?


When using lib32-gst-plugins-* related packages, there is a dependency hell for things like lib32-gst-plugins-ugly and lib32-gst-plugins-bad.

The biggest problem is about the dependency.

One example is, recently lib32-x264 get updated, breaking lib32-ffmpeg (still linked to older x264 lib) and lib32-gst-plugins-ugly (depends on lib32-ffmpeg).

Any clue how to automatically rebuild related packages?

Currently I'm using lddtree to locate the missing shared lib, and rebuild needed, but the problems are:
- Not stable enough
  If user missed one lib32-* update, it would mostly break certain 32bit wine programs depending on

- Yay refuse to re-compile package if the cache exists
  We need a way to info yay that we just want to re-link.

Any clue for this?


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Re: How to automatically rebuild AUR lib32 packages when dep updates?

For the second part of your question, yay has a --rebuild flag (and in fact a --rebuildtree as well).

For the first part, you could make pacman hooks to at least inform you of necessary rebuilds of known "problem" packages, the two you mention are obvious candidates/choices. I don't think it's a good idea to invoke a rebuild from a hook, so I'd just advocate for information into a manual rebuilding line, or write the candidates into a file your parse after the pacman transaction has finished.

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