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Lost pacman, checking its dependencies

I wrote this post just in case the same thing happens to you; my own experience of using Arch suggests that you would be very unlucky if it did ever happen to you.

I had a curious pacman crash. I was doing a normal pacman -Syu but the whole run crashed near the end of upgrading several hundred packages, and in particular it seemed to be upgrading pacman itself when it happened. But I could not resume the run or check for package consistency because pacman itself was now missing.

I tried rebooting, but discovered that vmlinuz-linux and the initramfs files were missing from the boot directory (as was linux.conf, since I use rEFInd). So I booted up a recent installation
DVD and after mounting the relevant partitions and doing arch-chroot /mnt, I tried running mkinitcpio, only to find that I could not because /etc/mkinitcpio.d/linux.preset was also missing.

I am unsure why the crash happened at all: I ran fsck -f on the relevant unmounted partitions but they were all clean; my disk is an SSD but the partitions were nowhere near full. I have been using Arch for years, and have been updating regularly without problems. I don't have any obvious explanation, but I do still trust pacman: it's an outstandingly good piece of work!

Advice on the web suggested that one could re-install pacman without using pacman, by first checking all its dependencies and then using tar with suitable arguments -- see the sticky posting at the top of the 'Pacman and Package Upgrade Issues' section of the Arch forums. Fortunately I have a laptop that also runs Arch and which I had very recently updated, so I could generate a list of pacman's dependencies: ninety of them! So I created the following small perl script to check all these dependencies, after transferring a list of them to my broken system via USB stick:

#!/bin/perl -w
# This reads a file of pkgfiles, each in full-pathname form,
# and for each one, checks that the files in the pkg file exist
# and have the right size -- only a BASIC check. Useful only
# if you have lost pacman. Pkg names typically end with .xz or .zst

use strict;

my $infile = shift or die("need a file that lists pkgs to check\n");
my ( $pkgfile, $fh, $fg, $filename, $pkgsize );
my @fields;
my $realsize;

open($fg, "<", $infile) or die("could not read $infile\n");
while( <$fg> ) {
  next if /^\s*$/; # skip empty/whitespace lines
  $pkgfile = $_;
  printf("==== checking %s\n", $pkgfile);
  open($fh, "-|", "tar -tvf $pkgfile --exclude .BUILDINFO --exclude .MTREE --exclude .PKGINFO --exclude .INSTALL --exclude .Changelog")
     or die("quitting: cannot run tar on $pkgfile\n"); 
  while( <$fh> ) {
    @fields = split;
    $tarsize = $fields[2]; # tar -v: third field is the size
    next if $#fields > 5;  # probably symbolic link: ignore it
    next if /\/$/;         # a directory: ignore it
    $filename = "/$fields[5]"; # put a / in front of the name
    if( ! -e $filename) {
      printf(" .... does not exist: %s\n", $filename);
    $realsize = (stat($filename))[7];
    if($pkgsize != $realsize) {
      printf(" size mismatch: pkg has %d, filesystem has %d for %s\n", $pkgsize, $realsize, $filename);

It turned out that most of the files in the pacman package were missing, and otherwise the only dependency files with unexpected sizes were ones that you might expect, such as /etc/passwd. However, it was disturbing that essential boot files had also gone missing, so rather than check everything on my system I opted to do a full re-install: fortunately, besides a backup I also had /home on a separate partition. It took some time but I'm now back iup and running.


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Re: Lost pacman, checking its dependencies

Let me guess, you symlinked your /var/cache/pacman directory? Don't do that, that directory is a part of the pacman package. If you replace this with a symlink, pacman will replace that symlink with the directory it knows about, by consequence your cache directory is empty and it won't find files to continue with anymore.


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