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[Lenovo E320] sysfs press_to_select has no effect on trackpoint?

Following I'm trying to enable tap-to-click/tap-to-select for the trackpoint, but the following seems to have no effect (afterwards, the file does contain 1 instead of 0, but clicking/tapping on the trackpoint has no effect other than before, i.e. pointer movement):

echo -n 1 | sudo tee /sys/devices/platform/i8042/serio4/serio6/press_to_select

(The N in serioN seems to change across reboots/module reloads, but I find the appropriate one using the following, so that should not be the issue:)

find /sys/devices/platform/i8042 -name name | xargs grep -Fl TrackPoint | sed 's/\/input\/input[0-9]*\/name$//'

Any ideas why this does not work or how to get the desired effect?

EDIT: Forgot to say this is with a recently installed and updated system, i.e. the 5.5.2-arch1-1 kernel. Everything else seems to work fine.

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