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New Distributed Cluster Mirror via IPNS (Interplanetary File System)

Hey Guys!

This was requested like back in 2015 in the Forum and in a ticket in the IPFS-project. I gave it a go and set-up a fast server in Germany and wrote the scripting necessary to do the incremental updates.

IPFS can run as a cluster, so one or more servers can write to a cluster, while everyone can set up a "follower" of it, and hold another copy of the data, get updates as a stream & reprovide it to the IPFS-Network.

If you want to use it as your primary update server, feel free to do so. You need the IPFS-Daemon setup and running as a service on your system. (Details to do this in the wiki)

Afterwards you can add this as your first server entry (change the port if you setup your IPFS web gateway differently):

Server =$arch/default/$repo

If you run more than one computer in your network, you can use IPFS to share the data locally, you've already downloaded. Just turn mDNS-discovery on, and IPFS will automatically connect the computer and transfer the data locally if possible.

By default IPFS will hold 10 GB in its cache, you can change this number in the IPFS settings if you feel like that's too much or too little for your needs. The cache is garbage collected automatically.

Any additional information can be found in the git on github under

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