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Re: Dmenu Hacking Thread

Yes, that makes sense and behaves when embedded art isn't found;)

Path don't need to be expanded if '-maxdepth' is used.
You can even add a second(should be first then) bemenu to choose from F.I. a genre(if your music is well ordered!) by using 'maxdepth' and trowing it in an array, just a thought.
Even using one(genre) and playing it directly would be a possibility, which would be my choice for I only own music I like to play, entering(click play) the random choice seems a bit far fetched... hmm


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Re: Dmenu Hacking Thread

Qinoe. Again thanks for sharing the knowledge, I've picked up a few great tips from yourself & trilby, (especially no longer harming felines) as for the random | shuf thing, I use this merely to show random/different order of mp3's in the *menu -l dropdown.

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