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[Solved] Xfce4 + LightDM + light-locker Closing lid issue

Hi there,

newcomer in the Arch community, switching from Debian.
I've made a fresh install, installed Xfce4 + LightDM + light-locker.
I configured a quick combo key to lock the screen which launch the following command

light-locker-command -l

which have the intended result : screen goes blank, then when i touch something i have the LightDM greeter asking for authentification.

However, when i'm closing the lid, i have the screen saver from xfce which appears.
I checked the options in the power-manager of xfce and didn't find any way to change this behaviour.
I then deactivated the power manager and tried to launch a daemon from systemd when "closing lid" signal appears without success.

What would be the correct way to launch the command

light-locker-command -l

  when closing lid to observe the proper behaviour ?

bonus question : Is there a difference between a "supend" mode and `light-locker-command -l` ?
Best regards.


don't edit the /usr/bin/xflock4 like i did.
don't edit the /etc/systemd/longind.conf like i did
juste follow the Wiki... … the_screen

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