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alternative to pulseaudio?

Pulseaudio doesn't work.  It never selects the audio output I use.  I have to fidget with it for dozens of minutes to get it to work.  This is unacceptable.  This never happened with alsamixer.  So, what alternatives are there?



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Re: alternative to pulseaudio?

hedron wrote:

This is unacceptable.

Lol. Email Lennart...

It works fine for me, and has since about 2008.

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Re: alternative to pulseaudio?

This never happened with alsamixer.

Perhaps stick with alsamixer?


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Re: alternative to pulseaudio?

The problem is probably that he has some program(s) that requires pulseaudio (or rather, probably libpulse) and can't work without it.
Just in case I'm dropping this here … leshooting but I suppose that the OP may have already read that.

That said, not that I'd be able to know what is or isn't relevant to solve the actual problem that's going on here...
There is a serious lack of information on what OP has tried, what his configuration is, what pulseaudio components are installed (e.g. /w pulseaudio-alsa?), what programs (if any) he uses to configure pulseaudio, etc.
@OP: … ow_to_post

So what I can do, is answer just the question in the subject of this topic; Is there an alternative to pulseaudio?
I will be assuming that it has to be an in-place compatible replacement for pulseaudio (libpulse) because if it didn't need to be that, there'd have been no reason for OP to not just use alsamixer like he has before.
In that manner I can think of only 1 atm, but this is still in development (here be dragons); pipewire with pipewire-pulse.

However, pipewire-pulse is currently not packaged as a replacement but sort of on-the-side (the lib names are suffixed with '-pw'). Afaik, there are currently no ready-to-go instructions on how to set it up as a system-wide replacement in Arch but you should most likely be able to just pre-load them when you start a specific application to make use of it and most will probably mostly work. But again, here be dragons.

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Re: alternative to pulseaudio?

Most auto selection problems are due to buggy hardware and not pulse. If you want them to not happen comment/remove

load-module switch-on-port-available

so pulse ignores bugged jack events, you can also disable automatic device remembering so that new streams will consistently pop up on the defined "default" device.

But as it stands this post is pretty useless. If you want help debugging pulse, clear your head and post factual information, like outputs of

pacmd list-cards
pacmd list-sinks
pacmd list-sink-inputs

And level-headed descriptions of what happens, what you expect to happen instead what you are doing that makes "things" happen and maybe people could help you.


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