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New primary display selected every couple seconds or minutes (triple)

I have a triple-monitor setup running off of a Gigabyte Vega 56.  I'm using 3 of the HDMI ports and 1 of the display ports.  One of the in-use HDMI ports is disabled most of the time (a TV for gaming).

I was running Gnome, and experienced an annoying bug sometimes with 2 monitors, but more often with 3.

Every once in a while, the screens would all flicker or go black for a moment, then they would seem to attempt to put the open windows back in their places, usually succeeding but sometimes a window would end up on a different monitor.
During the process, my mouse cursor would jump around from monitor to monitor.

I switched to KDE and the monitors were better overall - the windows would not jump around and the screens would not go black.   However, the task bar panel would jump between the first and second monitors.

When I opened up KDE's display preferences to investigate, the problem happened again and I noticed a bar showed up saying "a new display configuration was detected" or somethign similar.

My journalctl output changes depending on what desktop environment I'm using, but KDE's seems to be the most suspicious:

What other steps can I take to troubleshoot this issue.
It's currently not happening but I expect if I leave my computer for a few hours and come back it will start again, especially if I switch back to gnome (which I prefer)


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