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Mingw-w64-ffmpeg shared with external static libraries

When i use mingw-w64-ffmpeg from AUR, the result is ffmpeg shared with shared external libraries.

Is there any way about i select which external libraries will link as static and which as dynamic?

I made a test, i deleted some dynamic libraries (.dll.a) from the folder /usr/i686-w64-mingw32/lib (for 32b) or /usr/x86-64-w64-mingw32/lib (for 64b)
But a few libraries does not accept this (deleting).
For example, the libfdk_aac is ok with deleting, the SDL2 is ok with deleting but the libfontconfig, the libfreetype2 not.

When i have deleted the dynamic libaries for the libfdk_aac or the SDL2, the result is ffmpeg shared with static  libfdk_aac or SDL2.

When i have deleted the dynamic libraries (.dll.a), -the static libraries (.a) is there normally- for the libfontconfig or the libfreetype2, the ffmpeg build stop with a message "pkg-config can not found fontconfig or freetype"....

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