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Airplane mode key not working correctly on HP EliteBook x360 1030 G4

My laptop has a airplane mode / rfkill key.  However it doesn't work correctly:

1) Although it has an LED, the LED doesn't light when wifi is in use.
2) When I press the key, it doesn't (permanently) toggle the wifi off or on.  Rather, it temporarily toggles the wifi off, but then something (systemd?) immediately turns the wifi back on again.

I'm running the latest of everything (e.g., kernel linux 5.6.13.arch1-1)

I've been digging through lots of support pages, but haven't figured out how to fix this.  Anyone know what I'm missing?

My guess is that this is weird kernel issues, due to the fact that this is a newer laptop, and that the WMI key module (hp_wmi) might not properly support this model yet.  Would be grateful if anyone could help confirm whether or not this is the case though.  (And, even if it is, if there is some way to override this buggy behavior.)


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