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#1 2020-05-25 18:28:52

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Continous integration for PKBGUILD

I've recently configured travis on all of my docker repos on github:

And I've recently created a repo for my AUR packages (Actually after I saw in aur-general mailing list).

I wanted to implement a CI for it in order to test it before I push it to AUR, so far the best thing that I have found was this:

But it hasn't been updated for a while and by default it has "yay" installed (which is a con in my opinion).

I have two ideas, either use the mentioned repo or build a docker container from archlinux and start tweaking it for my needs, does anyone have any other ideas? Or any ideas about my solutions?

OR is there a linter for PKGBUILD like which is for Dockerfile? So at least people can check some basics before pushing their PKGBUILDs on AUR?

(I would be very happy if anyone could spare some time reviewing my PKGBUILDs too and email me or create a pull request on my github repo, but this isn't a "PKBGUILD review request" topic)


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