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How long time it takes to compile Wine?

So, I'd like to compile "wine-osu" package (I'd like to use Wine only for osu!, all my other software is cross-platform).

How long would it approximately take to compile Wine 3.12 from scratch? I'm using Intel Core i5-4570 with 8 GB or RAM.

I also tried to google this information, but all posts I found were really old and outdated (the newest one was from 2010).


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Re: How long time it takes to compile Wine?

Try it and report back.

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Re: How long time it takes to compile Wine?

There's no way to tell how long it may take to build WINE (or any other app) from src. It depends on sooooo many different factors that one should NOT expect any specific answer for a question like yours. The best way to find out how much time you need is to build what you need on your PC. So grab a clock and start compiling.


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Re: How long time it takes to compile Wine?

==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
==> ERROR: Build failed, check /var/lib/archbuild/multilib-x86_64/panoramix/build

On my threadripper 1920x it took about 5 minutes to fail to build in a clean chroot (multilib-build from devtools ) .

You should try to get in touch with the maintainer / author .
(posting a link to an image hoster in an aur comment looks way to much like  a spam attempt, try posting  a link to a text output  of the build fail . search archwiki for pastebin client incase you don't know how to link to text outputs.)

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Re: How long time it takes to compile Wine?

I've tried to compile. Looks like one of the recent updates broke the compilation. It fails with an error related to linker.

The issue was described here though:


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Re: How long time it takes to compile Wine?

The solution is linked there.  Just add the compiler flag and (assuming that's the problem) it will be fixed.

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Re: How long time it takes to compile Wine?

After adding the linked solution the package built successfully.


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