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#1 2020-06-05 17:38:40

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All QT Applications SEGFAULT after update!

I recently ran a system update and the qt5-base package was updated to 5.15.0-2 and now every single QT application dies with a segmentation fault.
Because I don't use KDE or GNOME, I use qt5ct to configure the qt theme.
I also have the QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME environment variable set to "qt5ct".

I'm not sure what other QT configurations might affect applications like this so I don't know what other information to give.
Any help is appreciated!


#2 2020-06-05 17:52:09

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Re: All QT Applications SEGFAULT after update!

yeah, qt5ct has issues. See the bug tracker.


#3 2020-06-07 18:45:50

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Re: All QT Applications SEGFAULT after update!

Back up your Qt5ct config:

 $ mv ~/.config/qt5ct/qt5ct.conf ~/.config/qt5ct/qt5ct.conf.bck 

Start qt5ct:

 $ qt5ct 

A configuration window should pop up. Choose your theme, icons, fonts etc. Click "Apply".

This should reset your appearance settings.

Start any Qt5 application, e.g.:

 $ okular 

Voilà, no segmentation fault, everything works with the 2020-06-07 release of the system.


#4 2020-06-08 07:28:11

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Re: All QT Applications SEGFAULT after update!

Usually this is due to you using a non repo qt5 theme that relies on qt's internal headers, did you rebuild whatever theme you are actively using against the new Qt?


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