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Backlight/display turning off on boot - Lenovo MIIX 300-10IBY

I am trying to get Arch installed on my laptop, a MIIX 300-10IBY by Lenovo as mentioned in the subject to have something to mess with while on vacation.
I followed the guide for the Asus x205ta on ArchWiki to get a bootia32.efi file so the UEFI detects it.

Now, about every fifth boot attempt, the backlight level increases before the TTY shows up, and it stays working.
Other times, after the messages are cleared and the TTY would have shown up, the screen just goes completely black.
Some errors I have noticed that might be of interest:

[0.593355 dw_dmac] INTL96C0:01: Missing DT data
:: running early hook [udev]
Starting version 245.5-2-arch
:: running early hook [archiso_pxe_nbd]
:: running early hook [udev]
:: Triggering uevents
[13.296287] [drm:pwm_setup_backlight [i915]] *ERROR* Failed to get the SoC PWM chip
:: running hook [memdisk]

And afterwards it continues without anything except running some more hooks and a bunch of [OK] statements.

Things I have tried so far:

  • Googling the errors

  • Googling i915 errors on Intel Atom

  • adding nomodeset to kernel command line

  • adding i915.enable_dpcd_backlight=1 to kernel command line

  • adding i915.fastboot=1 to kernel command line

  • blindly entering

    vbetool dpms on
  • Reading and trying most of the stuff from the Backlight page of the brilliant ArchWiki

all without any success.

As for the messages/errors, I am unsure how many of those are related to the fact then when the backlight works and I connect to WiFi or share my phone's connection over a USB cable, I can ping any numerical IP (, ...) but not a domain (, ...).

Could anybody please assist me? Thanks!

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